Enacted Bills

Additional information and guidance regarding bills enacted by the Legislature.

Enacted Bills 2017

AB 19 (Santiago) Community Colleges: California College Promise. 

(Chapter 735, Statutes of 2017)

As introduced, AB 19 focused on a “free tuition” program, and would have waived the enrollment fees for first-time community college students who enroll in 12 or more semester units, or the equivalent, and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid application or a California Dream Act application, regardless of their level of financial need.

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AB 504 (Medina) Community Colleges: Student Success and Support Program funding.

(Chapter 742, Statutes of 2017)

AB 504 modifies the current criteria for the development of Equity Plans by requiring the Chancellor to establish a standard methodology for measurement of student equity. The bill requires community college districts to use the standard methodology in campus based research regarding student equity.


AB 705 (Irwin) Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012: matriculation: assessment.

(Chapter 745, Statutes of 2017)

AB 705 requires community college districts to maximize the probability of students entering and completing transfer-level coursework in math and English within a one-year time frame by using multiple measures to achieve this goal.

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