The Office of General Counsel will accept service of process in litigation filed against the state entities known as the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, and their respective officers and employees when sued in their official capacities. 

However, we are not authorized to accept service of process on behalf of California community colleges, community college districts, or their respective officers and employees.  Community college districts are independent local agencies that are not under the management or control of the Board or the Chancellor.  Neither the Board of Governors, the Chancellor’s Office, nor any of their officers or employees are subject to suit in tort for actions arising on community college campuses and not involving agents of the Chancellor’s Office.  (See 81 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 111 (Cal.A.G.) 1998 WL 111135; Bettencourt v. Los Rios Community College Dist. (1986) 42 Cal.3d 270, 276; Peterson v. San Francisco Community College Dist. (1984) 36 Cal.3d 799, 814.)