The Bachelor's Degree Program from the California Community Colleges was created to make it easier and more affordable for students to get their bachelor’s degree and to create more employment opportunities for students.

On September 28, 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 850 (Block, 2014) authorizing the California Community Colleges Board of Governors to establish the statewide baccalaureate degree pilot program at 15 California community colleges. In November 2014, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Academic Affairs division sought applications from colleges that were interested in participating in the bachelor’s degree pilot program. In May 2015, the Board of Governors approved 15 colleges to participate in the pilot program. The first Bachelor’s Degree Program graduates received their degrees in spring 2018.

The degree programs offered at each college were selected based on careers that are in high-demand in those areas. After graduation, students will often be able to find jobs in the same area they went to school.

Achieving public higher education for Californians is the main goal, but this program was brought to life for community college students. With more employment opportunities available for more graduating students, this program helps to set students up for successful futures.

Baccalaureate Degree Pilot Program Handbook

The following is a list of the 15 California community colleges that offer a bachelor's degree program.