Student Equity

No one would argue that all students deserve an equal chance at a certificate or degree, transferring to a four-year college or university and learning the workforce skills for a good career that will help them support themselves and their families.

Welcome to the Student Equity and Achievement Program.

Equity plans are focused on boosting achievement as measured by specific “success indicators” (access; course completion; ESL and basic skills completion; degrees and certificates awarded; and transfer rates) and require each college to develop detailed goals and measures addressing disparities that are discovered.

The Student Equity and Achievement Program merges funding for three initiatives: the Student Success and Support Program; the Basic Skills Initiative; and Student Equity. Integrating these efforts into a single Student Equity and Achievement Program advances our goal of demolishing once and for all the achievement gaps for students from traditionally underrepresented populations.

The Student Equity and Achievement Program requires colleges to implement the Guided Pathways framework offering a clear path to a stated goal, to provide all students with an education plan based on that goal, and to toss aside outdated and inaccurate placement policies that are keeping far too many from completing their goals in a timely manner.

It’s all about giving every student an equitable chance.