Data in this section are from the 2021 State of the System report, unless otherwise noted. Data in this section represent the most recent year available and trends over time. Data are unduplicated, so that students who enrolled in more than one college are only counted once for the system-wide totals.

Frequently Asked Questions

In 2019-20, the Chancellor’s Office met the Vision for Success goal to increase the number of students earning credentials by 20% (over the 2014-15 baseline year). In 2019-20, 145,039 students earned a credential.

Students are counted only once and only for their highest level of achievement.

In 2019-20, approximately 131,800 students transferred to a four-year university. 70% of these students transferred to a University of California or California State University campus. 30% of these students transferred to an in-state or out-of-state private institution.

The number of transfer students has increased since 2015-16; however the system has not yet achieved the goal to increase transfer by 35% over this baseline year.

According to the Student Success Metrics cohort view, among students who have earned at least 12 units, one in five California Community College students transfer to a four-year institution within three years. One in four transfer within four years.

Approximately 58,400 ADTs were awarded in 2019-20. The number of ADTs awarded has been increasing each year since 2014-15, when only 19,300 were awarded.

The system has made progress in reducing the average number of units to degree and is still working toward the goal of 79 units. In 2019-20, the average number of units to degree was 84, down from 86 in recent years. 60 units are needed for an associate degree.

In 2017-18, 71% of graduates were working in their field of study, up from 68% in 2014-15. The system is working toward the goal of 76%.
Racial equity gaps in student completion remain, and the system is working toward reducing these gaps by 2026-27. As of 2017-18, student completion rates by race/ethnicity were: 21% for African American students, 22% for American Indian students, 40% for Asian students, 30% for Filipino students, 20% for Hispanic students, 23% for Pacific Islander students, and 33% for white students.
The system is working to eliminate regional equity gaps in completion by 2026-27. As of 2017-18, completion rates by region were: 31% in the Bay Area, 24% in the Central Valley, 19% in the Inland Empire, 25% in Los Angeles, 26% in the Northern region, 28% in San Diego, and 29% in the South Central region.