A variety of information sources offer data to paint a comprehensive picture of how California's 116 community colleges are preparing students to succeed. Here, we highlight three primary information portals for researchers and also provide additional resources including technical documentation. You may find more tools and resources about the California Community Colleges under Data for College Professionals.

  • Data Mart

    Holding the largest volume of publicly available data on California community college students, Data Mart provides aggregate information about students, courses, support services and outcomes as well as faculty and staff.

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  • Student Success Metrics

    Part of the LaunchBoard, these metrics capture progression along students' educational journeys from recruitment to completion, transfer and the workforce. This tool allows for various groupings of students by year, region and other characteristics.

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  • Transfer Level Gateway Dashboard

    The Transfer Level Gateway Completion Dashboard provides completion rates of transfer-level English, mathematics (or equivalent quantitative reasoning course), and credit ESL starting from students' first course enrollment in the discipline (whether at or below transfer-level).

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