The Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division delivers technology-focused initiatives on behalf of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office. These efforts, which are often funded via grants administered by the Chancellor’s Office, support students and the colleges and help facilitate achievement of the ambitious student completion and equity goals defined in the Chancellor’s Vision for Success. They include:

Admissions and Articulation Support

  • CCCApply allows students to conveniently apply online to any California Community College for admission.
  • Electronic Transcripts for Higher Education in California is a web-based electronic transcript system between California Community Colleges and their trading partners. eTranscripts is available free to California Community Colleges.

Education Technology Portfolio Resources

  • The Chancellor’s Office administers grants that benefit local districts or the Community Colleges system as a whole. Detailed grant information is provided for all grant activities.
  • The Technology Award Program supports a variety of awards in technology excellence and leadership within the California Community Colleges.

Student Experience and Metrics

  • Cal-PASS Plus brings together primary, secondary and post-secondary education segments through regional educational data sharing partnerships. Cal-PASS Plus’ objective is to identify and reduce the barriers for successful student transition at all levels of education.
  • Digital Futures works to develop the digital tools that will support colleges and students now and into the future. The goal of this effort is to make systemwide student facing technologies and interventions feel cohesive, connected, and relevant.

Training and Technology Resources