The Research and Data Analytics Unit is responsible for research and evaluation leadership and services to support systemwide decision making and inquiry. The unit monitors system, district and college performance to inform strategies that will help the system achieve the goals and commitments set out in the Vision for Success. The unit promotes the rigorous use of data to help identify student-centered, evidence-based practices that will improve equitable outcomes, including the disaggregation of data to identify progress and investigate gaps. Other specific functions include:

  • Evaluate programs and policies
  • Understand traditional and non-traditional student pathways to higher education and work
  • Explore past performance to advance system goals
  • Consult with local and system staff to improve services at all levels
  • Support research and evaluation by external partners

Please send inquiries to

The Chancellor’s Office is pleased to work with external individuals, agencies and organizations interested in conducting research on California Community College students or the system. However, due to capacity constraints, requestors seeking access to individual-level data should be prepared for the execution of MOUs to take at least 6 months. As such, we do not recommend requestors seek restricted data for theses, dissertations or other time sensitive efforts.


Data Mart

Student Services in Data Mart (DataMart is best used with Internet Explorer)


Salary and Other Data Reports