Alias List Overview and Subscription Instructions

Alias List Purpose

An alias list is a method of distributing information to individuals holding specific positions within the California Community Colleges. Determining which alias list to use depends on the targeted audience for the message.

We have two Listserv providers for the California Community Colleges:

  1. The alias lists managed by Chancellor’s Office have the suffix, and are based on predetermined employment positions (i.e. chief executive officers, academic senate presidents, etc.). Anyone who knows the correct email syntax may use these lists. Alias lists differ from list servers in that alias lists are “hard-wired”; the pointers must be actually physically typed in, whereas in a list server, one must subscribe or unsubscribe to a notification system, such as majordomo.

  2. The alias lists managed by the CCC Technology Center have the suffix The CCC Technology Center provides Listserv hosting for the California Community Colleges regional and systemwide organizations. An index or existing lists is available here. To subscribe to one of these lists click on the list name and you will find a link allowing the option to subscribe on the right sidebar.

Some advantages to alias lists include being able to email to a generic pointer without knowing the name or email address of the recipient, and allowing more control over to whom the mail goes, as opposed to a list server, where mail goes to all subscribed users. One disadvantage with pointers is that they must be manually maintained and frequently updated to reflect constant personnel changes, as individuals tend to move in and out of the community college system.

Here are some of the various alias abbreviations and what they mean: 

 Destination Description


Admissions and Registrars


Administrators of Occupational Education


Accountability Reporting for Community Colleges


Articulation Officers


Academic Senate President


Board of Trustees (District Only)


California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids


Chief Business Officers


Chief Executive Officers


Chief Financial Aid Officers


Chief Human Resources Officers


Chief Instructional Officers


Chief Information Systems Officers


Chief Purchasing Officer (District Only)


Chief Student Services Officers


Distance Education


Disabled Student Program and Services


Exec Assist for local Chancellor/Pres./Board Trustees


Equal Employment Opportunity


Extended Opportunity Program and Services


Facilities Planners


Government Relations


Health Service Personnel


Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System


Matriculation Coordinators


Management Information Systems Contacts


Non-Credit Matriculation Coordinators


Public Information Officers


Research and Planning


Student Body Government President


Transfer Center Directors


Veterans Officers

There are essentially two ways to take advantage of these lists: “broadcasting” to a particular group or combination of groups, or using the unique three-digit district/college identifier to target an individual campus, district position or group of individuals.

NOTE: Each list has its own subscription requirements as established by the organization managing the list, so not every list in the index is available for open subscription. In addition, some organizations have chosen to not include their lists in the public index. You may be able to search for these lists per instructions on the page.

How to Subscribe to the Alias List:

Each district alias list email coordinator (typically MIS staff person) establishes the names of the “pointers” for each list. The pointers for the lists should include all persons interested in the topical area covered by each list but typically should always include the director or manager of any programs covered in any of the topical areas. For Example if FA covers Veterans then the director and appropriate staff should monitor the list (receive postings) as "pointers". If personnel changes, please contact the MIS office at the district level and ask for a change in pointers to identify new staff for the appropriate lists.

How to Send to the Alias List:

Staff at the campuses may also use this listserv to communicate statewide with the "pointers” on any list to which they are subscribed.

To use the alias list, open your email application. Create a new email message or use an existing message.

To mail to all members of an alias distribution group

In the “To:” line, type “” or “”.  XXX refers to the abbreviated alias list designation (i.e. cfao, adreg, vet). The or designates the Chancellor’s Office email host or CCC Technology Center email host, which is the first stop on the e-mail journey. For any message sent to an entire group alias, “-all” must be used. If either the hyphen or the word all is left out, the email will not be sent. For example, to send a note to all the CFAOs, in the “To” field, type “” (do not include the quotes). When you are finished composing your message, click on the “Send” button.

For security reasons, the listservs has been configured to request positive confirmation of posted messages. You  must confirm that the enclosed message did originate from you. To do so, simply reply to the message and  type "OK" (without  the quotes) in the  text of your  message, or click on  the link provided. NOTE: If this does  not work, or  if the message  did NOT originate from you, then contact the list owner for assistance.