The Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division serves as the information technology backbone for the agency, but also delivers technology-focused solutions to colleges and districts to optimize student success. The Division strives to embody a digital equity ethos such that anyone in California seeking a postsecondary education, regardless of what they look like, where they live, time since high school, or preferred learning modality, have on-demand access through the California Community Colleges. Some of these are funded via grants awarded by the Chancellor’s Office to local community college districts to support students and the institutions that serve them.
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    Digital Futures Newsletter

    Digital Futures works to develop the digital tools that will support colleges and students now and into the future. The goal of this effort is to make systemwide student-facing technologies and interventions feel cohesive, connected and relevant. Digital Futures also provides an opportunity for Information Technology staff to learn information that is relevant to local and system operations.

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