Valerie Lundy-Wagner, PhD

As vice chancellor of the Digital Innovation and Infrastructure Division, Valerie Lundy-Wagner, PhD, oversees technology and research for the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and leads a variety of internal and external initiatives overseeing information technology systems, implementation of system-wide technology investments and application of research into evidence-based policy.

Lundy-Wagner is a nationally recognized leader on equity in higher education, including how it connects to K-12 and workforce development. A former assistant professor and faculty fellow at New York University, Lundy-Wagner has also worked at the Community College Research Center, the leading authority on community college research and reform, Jobs for the Future, a national nonprofit focused on education, workforce development and economic mobility, and California Competes, a policy research and advocacy organization. In each post she has relentlessly pursued work prioritizing equity for postsecondary students and the institutions that serve them.

A Richmond, California, native, Lundy-Wagner earned her bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering at UCLA, her master’s degree in education at Stanford University and her Ph.D. in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania. She also was a postdoctoral scholar in engineering education at Purdue University.