Video Conferencing Support


We are happy to introduce 3CMeNow, a new videoconference service now available for California community colleges. 3CMeNow replaces the scheduler and video bridge used by community colleges.

3CMeNow is a cloud-based videoconference service that allows campuses with H.323 room systems to video bridge with other H.323 room systems, and allows individuals to connect and participate remotely in a videoconference call using their office desktop or laptop computers, mobile devices and telephones.

Videoconference contacts at community colleges are encouraged to go online and create an account by:

  1. Visiting
  2. Click on "Create an account"
  3. Fill in and submit the information requested
  4. Click on “Resource / FAQs”
  5. Select and Print 3CMeNow Interface
  6. Select, download and install the 3CMeNow Client
  7. How-to documentation is provided for self-paced learners

3CMeNow Support will contact you to test with your campus’ H.323 room system(s) and schedule a training session on using the Online Scheduler and 3CMeNow User Interface. Your log in credentials will be provided to you at the time of your training session. Please do not hesitate to call 3CMeNow Help Desk directly with any questions on scheduling and connecting to videoconferences. We can be reached via email to or by phone at (760) 891-7876.

Video Conferencing Support

If you would like to hold a video conference meeting at the CCC System Office please email,

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