When students, faculty, staff, administrators and their families respond to the Census it helps your college and community get their fair share of funds for vital programs. A complete count benefits colleges and students by funding some student financial aid, healthcare, housing, transportation and other important student services.

The California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office fully supports the 2020 Census that will take place in the spring. We are encouraging all of our colleges to support the Census by placing information on your website, distributing materials to students and encouraging full support in ensuring everyone on  your campus and in your community is counted.

Below you will find print-ready materials we would like to encourage you to use in your outreach efforts. In addition, a limited quantity of items will arrive at your college Public Information Office (PIO) the week of March 16, so check with your PIO to request those materials.

Materials are available in English, Spanish and Chinese. We will be adding materials to this page regularly. If there is something you need that is not listed, contact Paige Marlatt-Dorr at pdorr@cccco.edu. For technical assistance or different file formats, contact the Webmaster at webmaster@cccco.edu.