California College Promise Grant

Nearly half of the 2.1 million students enrolled at California community college campuses receive free tuition through the California College Promise Grant. You may have heard of this program under its old name: the Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver. So what’s changed? Just the name! The fee waiver program, including the application process, and eligibility requirements, will remain the same. 

The California College Promise Grant waives certain enrollment fees for eligible students at any California community college throughout the state. Our state’s program is unique because is a first dollar plan, meaning the state covers the tuition costs first, and any other financial aid awarded to the student can be used to offset the cost of textbooks, transportation and other non-tuition expenses. In a last dollar plan, the state only covers the portion of tuition costs that are not paid by other aid, meaning that the lowest income students receive the smallest financial benefit, if any. The program also doesn’t set eligibility guidelines based on students’ age, academic merit or attendance status. This approach to financial aid ensures all California students, regardless of their background or income level, have the opportunity to attend and succeed in community college.

Watch the video below to see firsthand what the name change and program really mean to our community college students on campus.